What we are all about

What we are all about

Archii team, that takes documents handling from the 90s into 2018

We know the feeling of not being able to find a contract or presentation. It is a common problem. And each employee in your business spends roughly 3.5 hours on average each week searching for documents, and 20% are either misplaced or completely lost.

We took on the challenge to solve that problem. By combining our legal experience with advanced machine learning technology, we created Archii.

Archii organizes all your company’s documents automatically – including your colleagues’. Now, you no longer have to think about the struggle of not finding documents. Or even spend time saving your own! Archii cleans up your company’s documents across all computers, servers and employees. We promise not to move or delete any of your documents. We simply create a secure and complete archive that is easily accessible and constantly updated.

Think of Archii as your new assistant who can save you time from doing tedious document management work. You should be able to focus on the work that really matters! Combing advanced machine learning and natural language processing, Archii gets smarter every time he works for you, so you also can work smarter.

Archii has big plans for the future as we want to make information in the organization transparent and documents easy accessible for every employee. Accomplishing this, the next step is to extract value from the documents, so you do not have to waste time on tedious tasks, such as juggling vast amounts of data in a spreadsheet, which our AI assistant can handle for you.

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