We make security a priority

See how we take security measures, so you can use Archii safely

We know that your data can be sensitive and we protect it with our hearts

We comply with the Danish government’s Agency on Digitization’s best practice guidelines regarding IT providers. And to make it easier for you, we have made a dedicated page answering their 11 questions everybody should ask. See a thorough description here in Danish and here in English.

Some highlights

  • Archii log all access to your Documents
  • Archii is frequently backing up your documents and data
  • Archii is using latest encryption standards both when transferring and storing your documents, including backup
  • Archii can guarantee that your Documents and data do not leave the EU
  • Archii monitor and keep all servers up to date with the latest OS and security patches

Internal rules of handling your data

We have adopted internal rules on information security which contain instructions and measures to protect your personal data against destructions, being lost or modified, against unauthorized publication, and against unauthorized getting access to or knowledge of it.

User Authentication

We make sure that the company documents you share on the Archii platform are accessible only to the members of your specific team in Archii.The way we do that is by authenticating a user by invite and a dedicated sign-up flow that ensures the user is verified. The verified user is given admin status and is the only one who can invite users to that exact team. Every access to your data is securely logged.

Network and Access

All communication between your computer and our servers is encrypted using 2048-bit RSA encryption.To prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, all our servers are certified with X.509 certificates provided by WebTrust certified certificate authorities. Finally, all your data is hosted on trusted third-party services such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure that uses state-of-the-art access control and operates server facilities that are physically guarded.

Compliance with the Danish Business Authority’s guidelines