Identify and manage GDPR risks automatically

Archii GDPR (now DataMapper) automatically maps your personal data across all documents

As Featured In

As Featured In

“61% see compliance as a business opportunity”


“60% have no procedures or only manual procedures in place to ensure personal data is deleted when appropriate”

AIIM 2018

“39% don’t know the cost associated with handling individual personal data requests”

AIIM 2018

“Only 35% of EU-based companies are fulfilling Subject Access Requests within the legal timeframe.”


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Automate your GDPR efforts

Regardless how many GPDR policies you buy and implement, you still have tons of unmapped documents. You need to document that you have identified and handled those documents.

Archii automatically finds all documents that contain personal data, whether in email attachments, desktop or cloud storage – and provides you with a centralized overview.

Avoid huge fines

Non-compliance with GDPR can lead to fines up to 4% of your global turnover or €20 million – whichever is higher.

Stop worrying about fines – let Archii find your personal data for your easy compliance. By using Archii you take a huge leap in GDPR compliance – and you haven’t spent your own precious time doing it manually.

Cut costs

Any person can require access to all personal data concerning her or him. Estimates suggest that finding and delivering such data, cost an average of €5,000 per request and that you have to find data in 21 different systems.

Archii maps personal data in your documents on a person-by-person level for you to easily meet requests at close to no costs and Archii easily integrates to most document locations.

Finding personal data is not the same across businesses and departments. No matter what, Archii can help you out

GDPR affects
all parts
of your business

Finding personal data is not the same across businesses and departments. No matter what, Archii can help you out


Know where GDPR risks are in your company – automatically.

You probably implemented new data policies for saving and storing sensitive data. But how do you make sure that employees follow these?

Archii automates this process for you. You can even do ongoing audits to make sure that employees follow your policies. And you can highlight documents that each of the Archii users should delete or otherwise handle.


Get an overview of all documents containing personal data on former, existing and potential employees.

You probably have job applications and CVs lying around that are more than 6 months old. And you probably have employee records that are more than 5 years old. Even though you shouldn’t.

Archii automatically finds your applications, resumés, and CVs and highlights specific sensitive data for you to take appropriate actions. For instance, want to see all CVs and job applicants located in your entire company? No sweat – takes about 6 seconds in Archii.


Focus on sales and not GDPR.

Working with sales – customer data is sent to you on a daily basis. Most likely there is a bunch of personal data in your mailbox that needs your attention even though you have better things to do.

Archii loves to give your mailbox this attention, so you can concentrate on what you do best – selling. Archii automatically matches your documents with customers’ names and create the overview.


Enable your search for personal data across departments.

As an IT manager, statistics say you are most likely to be responsible for GDPR. Having an overview of all personal data across departments and functions is time consuming and difficult due to the amount of unstructured data.

Archii automatically finds the unstructured personal data in documents and save you the headache of going through everything – or (as it happens most) ask your colleagues to do it and never get a response.


Get rid of bad GDPR concience.

Think of all the correspondences between you and your clients. Then think about how much personal data you have received through e-mail. Most likely, not all personal data has made it out of your inbox. And most likely, you do not have a proper overview of this data.

Archii finds the personal data in all your email attachments for you automatically – leaving you to do consulting and nothing else.


Eliminate manual GDPR tasks and save precious time.

Being a start-up ourselves, we know that you have plenty of things to do. And GDPR is probably not where you want to spend your time

Archii finds your personal data, so you can build product, go to market, find investors (and all the thousands of other tasks that are on top of your to-do-list)


Automatically discover
your GDPR risks

Archii automatically finds all documents with person names across all destinations – from email attachments to local and cloud storages. And it all happens when you are at home getting your beauty sleep. Answering an access request has never been simpler!

Easily map the
highly sensitive risks

Discover all GDPR risks related to documents in one place. Archii matches all names with high-risk keywords and social security numbers that combined is a GDPR risk.
To read more about sensitive information click here.

Easily map the
highly sensitive risks

Archii matches all names with high-risk keywords and social security numbers. This enables you to focus on the highest risks first. It is also possible to customize what Archii finds – for instance by adding names of existing and former employees and customers.

To read more about sensitive information click here click here.

Take action and track
your compliance

Archii uses artificial intelligence to give you an overview of what types of documents your GDPR risks are in. You can then easily find all HR-related documents with GDPR risks. Archii gives you and your colleagues the necessary information to take action and track your GDPR compliance.

Free GDPR templates are included in Archii GDPR


Free GDPR templates are included in Archii GDPR

Internal processing

Rules and procedures for you to control and handle personal data within your company

Data request (access)

Uniform and structured ways to handle access requests from customers, employees etc

External processing

Document your data processors with a data processing agreement

Data breach notifications

Documented procedures and processes for you to manage a data breach in your company