How does Archii make sure my data is protected?

Archii encrypts your data to ensure that all information and documents are for your eyes only. Our cloud solutions are protected by best-in-class security and comply with international standards of protecting sensitive data. Read more about our security measures here.

Does Archii store my documents?

We store your data for Machine Learning purposes. We do this to repeatedly train our mathematical models so Archii can deliver the most value to our users. Your data is kept safe using encryption that meets the international standards of protecting sensitive data. Read more about our security measures here.

Structure and file placement

What happens to my documents' locations when I use Archii?

Archii do not move or delete any of your documents. We simply create a secure and complete archive that is easily accessible and updated.

Can Archii sort and organize all my documents?

At the moment, Archii can analyze 151 document categories within contracts, statutory and real estate documentation. Archii lets you know if it cannot classify your document or needs a little help. We will regularly add more categories to Archii.

How does Archii know what to sort and what not to sort?

Archii only sorts the folders that you choose. Whether it be a local folder, Dropbox folders or mail attachments. We do not scan anything other than what you have given us explicit consent to.

Does Archii work in offline mode?

No. Archii does not, at the moment work, offline. You need to be connected to the Internet.

Document control

When I use Archii, is it only me who are able to use it?

You can choose to share the folder structure with colleagues or just have it for yourself.

Do I need to manually update Archii every time changes in documents occur?

For now – yes. Press the Scan button to refresh document structure and get an updated view of your documents. In the near future, Archii can scan your chosen folders automatically, securing that you always have an updated view of your company’s documents.


Which cloud solutions does Archii work with?

The first beta version can scan Dropbox and Gmail attachments. In the coming versions of Archii, we will be adding more integrations such as Google Drive, Slack, Microsoft 365, box and more.

Can Archii work on a smartphone?

Currently Archii only works on desktop.