Man asking if companies are ready for GDPR statistics

GDPR snapshot: How ready are companies really?

Ok, so GDPR is one everyone’s lips these days. It’s not without reason. But there’s a lot of clutter out there. Do X, do Y do Z – where do you even start? The confusion can be frustrating. What we usually do when we feel unsure about a situation, we look to our peers to see how they are dealing with the situation.  Spoiler alert. They are doing the exact same thing as you – looking around for someone who’s doing a great job being GDPR compliant. The truth of the matter is that it is a rare sight to find a company that is GDPR compliant. Of course, there are companies that think they are compliant – but are they really?

We compiled some GDPR statistics that can give you some comfort if you think you’re the only one not being compliant. We’ve also included some statistics about where personal data is located. The fact of the matter is: You can’t be GDPR compliant if you don’t know where the personal data are in your company.

GDPR statistics - How ready is your company ?



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