Archii and CRO, Alex, plans to conquer the world

Ulrik Nohr Ulrik Nohr, (part of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten) published an article about our journey so far and the recent relocation of our CRO, Alex, to New York. It headlines “Alexander er klar til at erobre verden” translates into: ”Alexander is ready to take over the world”. While ambitions are clear – world domination is not our immediate roadmap but lies a few years ahead :-) Read the full article here (in Danish). The article is about our recent commercial product launch of Archii GDPR – our first business intelligence module – which automatically identifies personal data across all your company’s documents. It is not another mumbo-jumbo story about an “AI” product that replaces the jobs of lawyers and advisors. We remove much of the manual repetitive work related to GDPR handling to enable something that has been impossible to do in a sane manner so far. We find the personal data that is hiding around your company that you forgot all about - this is a risk from a GDPR (personal data) point of view. “A business that makes a ton of money is simply not motivated to disrupt itself” – Alexander Irschenberger, Archii CRO Alex talks about coming from the corporate-… Read More

4 advices: How to create a great candidate experience in a startup

Ulrik Nohr Ulrik Nohr,
This year, I started my journey in HR at Archii, an AI software company on a mission to remove manual involvement from document handling. We are (as many other tech companies) building a great product and – at the same – we are building and growing an amazing team. Lots of talents and completely different backgrounds, both in terms of education, experiences as well as nationalities. It’s fantastic – but it poses challenges that we have had to learn from. Hence, I wanted to share my experience with other managers and HR professionals. Hope you’ll find it helpful – happy reading. But who am I? I am Nina. I am a person who likes to explore new ways of doing things and improve on what I do.  I’m Psychologist, and I hold a master’s in Philosophy. Working with people has been a core attribute that crosses my working experiences. I also have experience working with projects - which many times included international teams - communication, marketing and finally HR. For me, reflecting about my work in HR is truly important. I continuously ask myself if what we are creating makes sense both for employees and employer. In my daily work,… Read More

What we learnt from raising our first round of funding

Ulrik Nohr Ulrik Nohr,
Our friends at CPHFTW  asked us to write a blog post about Archii's funding round back in summer 2017. Søren, one of our founders, wrote about our initial funding strategy and how our plan did not go quite as planned. Eventhough this was the case it still provided us with a sense of direction and the initial planning made us be more aware of what we wanted from the investors and what we needed. You can read the article right here Read More