4 advices: How to create a great candidate experience in a startup

Ulrik Nohr Ulrik Nohr,
This year, I started my journey in HR at Archii, an AI software company on a mission to remove manual involvement from document handling. We are (as many other tech companies) building a great product and – at the same – we are building and growing an amazing team. Lots of talents and completely different backgrounds, both in terms of education, experiences as well as nationalities. It’s fantastic – but it poses challenges that we have had to learn from. Hence, I wanted to share my experience with other managers and HR professionals. Hope you’ll find it helpful – happy reading. But who am I? I am Nina. I am a person who likes to explore new ways of doing things and improve on what I do.  I’m Psychologist, and I hold a master’s in Philosophy. Working with people has been a core attribute that crosses my working experiences. I also have experience working with projects - which many times included international teams - communication, marketing and finally HR. For me, reflecting about my work in HR is truly important. I continuously ask myself if what we are creating makes sense both for employees and employer. In my daily work,… Read More