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Archii in the news

The Danish media Berlingske Business wrote an article on how we have disrupted the legal industry which we think is pretty awesome.

The article is unfortunately only in Danish, so if you’re not part of the 0.08 percent of the world population speaking Danish, you can read our summary below.

Essentially the digital transformation has made our lives easier – to some extent. For instance, can you remember when businesses had archivists employed on staff? They were an important organ because they kept track of the business’ important documentation. But just like the appendix, archivists have become a redundant organ as a victim to business evolution. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

The function of keeping track of documents has vanished. And with the digital transformation, documents are scattered across mailboxes, servers, local drives, cloud storages, and USBs. Handling documents has become easier, but at the same time, it is a more complex task to do perfectly.

Employees have a great number of programs for creating documents, and they have a great number of places to save these documents. But there is a link missing in connecting all these programs. You are the sole connector. You are responsible for creating the right type of document AND you are responsible for storing the document the right place under the right name. This is a very manual and very boring process.

We thought, if we could develop a software that connects the programs for creating documents with the locations where they are stored, then we would have created a digital archivist. And so, we created Archii – your personal AI powered document assistant.