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I kølvandet på Datatilsynets mange tilsynsbesøg i løbet af efteråret, er den første politianmeldelse nu indgivet – det blev til en politianmeldelse og et bødeoplæg på 1,2 mio. kr. til Taxa 4×35! Hvad skete der? Den 25. marts 2019 offentliggjorde Datatilsynet, at den har politianmeldt og indstillet virksomheden Taxa 4X35 til en bøde på 1,2 […]


The new inspection report from the Danish Data Protection Agency (Datatilsynet) is out. This is important for companies given the consequences of the last inspection Datatilsynet conducted. We’ll spill the beans on what you can expect from the new inspections below. Before we dive into what the new round of inspections entails, let us look […]

archii news (part of Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten) published an article about our journey so far and the recent relocation of our CRO, Alex, to New York. It headlines “Alexander er klar til at erobre verden” translates into: ”Alexander is ready to take over the world”. While ambitions are clear – world domination is not our immediate […]


So, you got a GDPR template package during the GDPR frenzy (If not – get ours here for free). By now, you know it’s a legal requirement to do something about personal data, i.e. GDPR… But – the templates you receieved look terribly boring. Moreover, what do you actually do with them? How do I […]

Recruitment startup

This year, I started my journey in HR at Archii, an AI software company on a mission to remove manual involvement from document handling. We are (as many other tech companies) building a great product and – at the same – we are building and growing an amazing team. Lots of talents and completely different […]

GDPR datatilsynet audit

Datatilsynet (Danish Data Protection Agency) has announced the types of companies they are targeting first and on which grounds.

Woman holding documents pointing to a text "9 steps towards GDPR compliance "

We wanted to collect some of the insights that we got when scouring through reports on how to prepare and handle GDPR. So, we have compiled a list of 9 steps that you should tick off in your

Man asking if companies are ready for GDPR statistics

Ok, so GDPR is one everyone’s lips these days. It’s not without reason. But there’s a lot of clutter out there. Do X, do Y do Z – where do you even start? The confusion can be frustrating. What we usually do when

text"Funding is a b#_%*! Or is it?" businessmen holding flowerpot

Most of you have probably read an article or two about funding and the time associated with it. It goes without

Businessmen running towards a light bulb and text lesson learned from larger transactions

  Let me share a public secret: building data rooms is boring. It is time-consuming, troublesome and just plain boring. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make it less time-consuming, less troublesome and less boring. You could also easily ask: so why are you specializing within the field? Well, let’s just say that we saw […]

A man pointing to a magnifying glass which zooms in to five facts you need to know about document management

Think of how knowledge is distributed in your organization. You most likely have

A women dressed as superman

An interview with three superwomen of ArchiiThis is not an article about how we

Pens, cellphone and papers on which is written " Be realistic"

Let’s just get it out there: handling documents is boring! It might be fun

A map describing the funding journey

Our friends at CPHFTW asked us to write a blog post about our funding round

A man being interviewed by a reporter

The Danish media Berlingske Business wrote an article on how we have

Welcome Alexander

Just before celebrating our first two years, we have chosen to partner up with

Aske joining Archii's software development team, being intervied by a reporter

Blue Data Management has partnered up with Aske Mottelson for our internal