We remove human involvement from document handling

Archii is an AI powered document assistant that automatically identifies and sorts your company’s most important documents.



Archii encrypts your data to ensure that all information and documents are for your eyes only.

Copies only

Archii doesn’t make any changes to your local folder structures where your documents are stored.

Secure cloud

Our cloud solutions are protected by best-in-class security and comply with EU data regulations.

Local server

We are able to set up a local server solution should you request it.

Private cloud

We can take it one step further and set up a private cloud solution should you request it.

What's important to us

Our founder team consists of lawyers with more than 20 years experience advising international companies in structuring their most important documents. We know the importance of securing private and sensitive data and we always comply with applicable international regulations and best practices.

Safeguarding your important documents is a top priority for Archii.

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Your manual handling of documents is time consuming and risky

3.5 hrs

spent by employees each week on saving, organizing and finding documents.


of all documents are either misplaced or lost.


of employees hate spending time searching for email attachments.


are lost in productivity in the US alone.

Saving and organizing documents is manual and boring. Boring processes cause human error.
Human error leads to lost productivity and increased risks.

Meet the world’s best AI document assistant

Archii is a simple solution that relies on advanced AI processes, not on manual input.
Archii eliminates time spent on saving, organizing, and finding documents and removes the risk of losing them.

Archii works with



Microsoft Exchange

mail server

IMAP/POP3 Servers

local server

Local servers


More to come

How Archii works

Using advanced machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing Archii gets a semantic and contextual understanding of your documents. Leveraging this technology, we can identify, understand and organize your company’s important documents faster than you can save a document manually.


Decide where you want Archii to look for your important documents

Log in to Archii and choose which of your document locations Archii should scan.

Choose between your local, network, or Dropbox folders and your emails such as Gmail and Exchange – or select them all. Archii scans your chosen locations and automatically identifies your company’s important documents. Archii can scan 151 document categories within contracts, statutory, and real estate documentation.


Watch technology do its magic

Archii uses advanced AI to understand the contents of your documents. That understanding is used to classify each document and organize them into a unified structure.

Archii presents the documents in an easy navigable dashboard, so you have clear overview of the important documents in your company.

Your company’s documents are accessible as copies through Archii. Rest assured, you can always (also) access the original documents in their original location.


Become less frustrated

Stop worrying about not being able to find the documents that your colleagues created. Archii has found them for you.

Dive into Archii’s intuitive dashboard and start finding the documents you need in seconds.


Examples from the real world

At Green Tech Challenge, we often see many startups in our program who lose overview of their documents, because they are scattered across cloud solutions, local servers and mails.
Green Tech Challenge
- Frederik van Deurs, Managing Partner/Founder
Our team has different stands to how and where our company documents need to be saved and stored. That is why we see Archii as a great solution to collect and organize all our documents in one place that is easy accessible to everyone.
- Martin Trasmundi, Chief Marketing Officer
My life would be so much better if I didn’t have to look in 500 different folders after my employees’ documents!
- Thor Bender, CEO
We spend a lot of unnecessary time searching for documents. It’s time consuming and inefficient.
- Tobias Høgsberg, Managing Director/Partner
We struggle with gathering all our important documents in one place that is easily accessible for our employees. Important documents are often scattered across mailboxes which leads to frustration internally and waste of time.
Les Deux
- Andreas von der Heide, Partner
Sorting important documents is of crucial importance in a fast-moving startup, but finding the time do get it done is almost impossible. When you one day suddenly need that overview, Archii will be a life-saver.
- Jakob Balslev, Founder/CEO


Stop wasting time on boring manual document management processes